Waiver Release

A Clover POS app which allows merchants to easily accept signed documents.

Do you require your customers or members sign a custom waiver, release, compliance, contract, or any kind of other document?

Do you need to have a copy of a member driver license, any other ID or customer's picture?

Now you can have your customers view the documents and sign directly on Clover, and you instantly receive a signed copy with all images to your email.

How does it work?

1. Start the app on your Clover

2. Your customers are presented with your document and a form to fill out and sign.

3. You recieve a signed copy to your email.


If you have any other questions or comments contact us: support@pupsidedown.com

How do I get my document on my Clover?

Please email support@pupsidedown.com. We will process and format your docuemnt within 24 hours.

What file format do I need to send you?

We prefer word, pages, simple text or editable pdf.

What are the differences between the subscriptions?

All subscriptions allow you to have a custom doc and a form with a signature.

- Basic allows you to collect first name and last name only
- Standard allows you to collect email and phone number in addition to first and last name
- Marketing includes all standard fields, DOB and a merketing opt-in
- Pro includes all marketing features and allows you to use a camera to add images, for example if you need to have a copy of a driver license. You can also control which fields are mandatory or optional


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