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We create apps.

We create branded apps.

Apps for iOS, Android, Tizen, Clover.

Apps for wearable devices like the new Samsung Gear S2.

We also build backends for the apps to run on.

Some of our recent projects

Digital Menu Board with Instagram and Marketing. Interactive board that runs on any smart TV.
Our first take on stickers app. We are working on a new fun concept which should be available very soon!
Star Field Watch
We got bored with regular watch faces, so we made a watch with animated background. Makes you feel like flying through the stars. Check out the video here.
A must have for every college fan. In collaboration with 2ThumbZ, Inc., we built an app with over 15,000 in-app purchases. Beautiful retina wallpapers for iPhone and iPad.
Tip Calculator
A great Utility app to split a check and calculate the tip amount. Because of the screen size we added swipes to change % and number of people.
Swipe Calculator
Samsung released Gear 2 without a calculator. We made one. To make digit and operators buttons bigger we replaced some keys with touch actions. Like "Swipe UP to clear"
Plated App is a showcase app for the features of the social sharing backend we're building. We also have a ton of friends who love to cook, so this is like our own little Instagram.
2048 Ohio State
We ported 2048 game to Samsung Gear 2 and in collaboration with 2ThumbZ built an Ohio State 2048! It's a boatload of fun and we're working on making IOS version soon.
Soccer Watch
Animated watch for Samsung Gear 2. Smooth transitions and graphics make our watches stand out from the rest. We have something special in the pipeline for soccer - should be out soon!
Another showcase app for our backend. This one has paid features allowing users to award "Stars" to the images they like. Also, every pet you see here belongs either to us or one of our friends!
2048 Classic for Gear
This was one of the first experiments on Gear 2. We love 2048 and once we got Gear 2 it felt only natural to make 2048 run on it. So we did. Currently in the top Samsung Gear Apps.


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